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Corporate management

The CEO ensures that operations are conducted in accordance with the Companies Act, other laws and ordinances, applicable rules for listed companies, the articles of association, and the Board’s internal control instruments, and in accordance with the Board’s established goals and strategies.

In consultation with the Chairman of the Board, the CEO compiles the necessary informational and supporting documents for board meetings, presents reports, and motivates decision proposals.

Yoav Ben-Eli is Crown Energy’s CEO.

The management group is otherwise comprised of Michail Shatkus, CFO and deputy CEO, and Alan Simonian, COO.


Yoav Ben-Eli

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CEO since October 2021

Yoav Ben-Eli (born 1970), with Portoguese citizenship, was elected board member on 12 December 2016.

Yoav Ben-Eli has a BSC in Biological Sciences from Tel Aviv University, but has since 20 years back in time worked in Africa with the construction projects within the oil and gas industry. In 2000 Yoav Ben-Eli founded ESI Group – Engineering Services International, which operates in Angola. Yoav Ben-Eli has 15 years of experience from CEO and various manager positions in several African countries.

Yoav Ben-Eli owns via his company Ybe Ventures Ltd, 343,817,971 shares in Crown Energy AB.


Michail Shatkus

CFO and Deputy CEO
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CFO and Deputy CEO since 2021

Michail (born 1986) has a Masters degree in Business Administration with specilization in Banking and Finance from Stockholm University. He previously was employed as business controller and deputy CEO in Petrogrand AB(publ) a Russia oriented oil company from 2012 to 2018.

Michail Shatkus was business controller Crown Energy between 2018 and December 2020, before he took over the role as CFO in January 2021.

Michail Shatkus owns no shares in Crown Energy AB.


Alan Simonian

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COO since 2016

Alan Simonian (born 1966) received his law degree from Southampton University 1988. Alan Simonian has been involved in Crown Energy since 2011. Alan Simonian’s work consists primarily of business development and Chairman. He has worked with a variety of international projects within the oil and gas industry, particularly in Nigeria and South Africa. Alan Simonian’s focus is on project generation for Crown. As an previous example, Alan Simonian was involved in the start up of Scotsdale Ltd which was awarded a number of licenses in the North Sea. This company was later acquired by PA Resources AB. In addition, Alan Simonian’s experience in the oil industry dates back to 1996 when he founded the London-based oil services company, Simco Petroleum Management Ltd. Alan Simonian is a Director of Thombo Petroleum Ltd. and he is the COO of Simco Petroleum Management Ltd.

Alan Simonian owns, privately and via company, in total 3,429,521 ordinary shares in Crown Energy AB.