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The share

Our ambition is to provide the capital markets, investors and other interested parties with relevant information that creates confidence and contributes to a fair value of the company.

Shareholder structure as per December 31, 2023

The Company’s shares are listed on NGM Equity. The largest shareholders with board- and/or management positions together owned 86 per cent of the total share capital at 30 September, 2023 (and thereafter known changes). Ownership structure below:

Shareholders Number of shares and votes Share of capital and votes (%)
YBE Ventures Ltd* 343,817,971 72.0
Cement Fund SCSp** 63,000,000 13
Veronique Salik 29,496,530 6
Alan Simonian and family 3,429,521 1
Other shareholders 37,571,328 8
Total 477,315,350 100.0

* Wholly owned by Yoav Ben-Eli
** Managed by Pierre-Emmanuel Weil

The Company’s ordinary shares are traded on NGM Equity under the ticker symbol CRWN and ISIN code SE0004210854.