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About AccYouRate

Crown Energy has acquired 85% of Smart Tee SARL in Luxembourg, which in turn is the full owner of the AccYouRate Group. It is an international group with operations in L’Aquila, Bologna and Israel. The business currently has about 20 employees and its activities include research anddevelopment, small scale production of ‘smart’ wearable garments and software development. The business was founded in 2016 by Arnaldo Usai, who previously was the CEO of Uniform, manufacturing garments for the Italian military.

AccYouRate has a patented technology that measures 7 indicators. ECG, pulse, temperature, respiration, respiration depth but also has a built-in GPS as well as an accelerometer.

The market for AccYouRate

There are many possible markets and segments where the AccYouRate ecosystem can be useful. The company has primarily thought about healthcare, but there are also opportunities in the field of health, sports and occupational medicine.

In healthcare, there is a great need to make things more efficient. Being able to send patients home early with monitoring can save thousands of dollars. A day in an emergency hospital is estimated to cost 30.000 SEK. There are also many patient groups that are not caught up or monitored in the best way today. Patients with certain diseases can be better understood, treated in time and lives can be saved.

Difficult occupational areas

There are quite a few specialists in our society who alone carry responsibility for many people. It can be pilots and train drivers, but also those who work alone in risk filled situations such as firefighters, armed forces, divers or workers at high altitudes such as some construction workers. Their employers are willing to put in a lot of time and money to reduce the number of accidents.

In the general field of health, many people want to better understand their own body and interpret its signals. The fact that many individuals monitor their own health would also save the healthcare system many unnecessary visits, while improving the quality of life for many people, both physically and mentally.

In sports, there is big money and a constant quest to improve performance both individually and on a team level. Constant monitoring would contribute to improved training plans, adapted to the individual. It could also avoid risks faced by some athletes, such as sudden cardiac death.

Today there are certain ways to measure ECG, body temperature and pulse. You can buy an ECG meter. In sports and health, there are watches, bracelets and rings that measure heart rate and GPS. However, these products usually do not measure in the correct place (at the heart), not measuring continuously and are therefore not completely reliable nor do they measure all these markers.

They are also quite expensive to purchase.

Possible market segments for AccYouRate

Health Care
Monitor patients at home
Earlier return home from surgeries with surveillance
Patients who have had a heart attack
General wellbeing
Monitor top athletes
Increase their performance
Reduce risks
Monitor service personnel/lone workers
Companies/Organisations with vulnerable occupational groups
Fire Fighters
Lone drivers
Construction workers

What is the know-how and value of AccYouRate?

The product consists of a patented type of polymer printed/applied on textiles. It is currently mostly used to “print” on T-shirts, but there are also possible solutions for gloves, face masks, helmets, headbands and other garments.
The value in the future will not arise from selling single T-shirts, but rather through subscriptions for single users, and group users with an app or other monitors and the ability to supply actionable data. There is additionally great value to the entire system – the database itself. The anonymized database is already larger than what could previously ever be found and can be of great use in research.