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Transparency and ethics

For Crown Energy, transparency and ethics means conducting its operations professionally while making ethical business decisions. We want our operations to be based on respect, honesty and integrity. To us, working ethically means striving to prevent corruption, facilitation payments and all forms of bribery by operating in strict compliance with applicable legislation and local regulations We expect our counterparties (including governmental institutions, agencies, suppliers and operators of licences) to follow the same standards as well. Crown Energy choose partners based on their fundamental values regarding ethics, moral, dedication to the environment and having strong financial solidity.

Crown Energy is aware that we are conducting, and may expand, operations in countries characterised by political, social and economic instability, such as war and general social or political turbulence. This includes the occurrence of corruption. Crown Energy has a compact organisation and the board constantly strives to promote Crown Energy’s fundamental view in its operations. The board has adopted policies on business ethics and anti-corruption, which both staff and consultants are required to comply with. For guidance when needed, Crown Energy uses the OECD riskawareness tool for multinational enterprises in weak governance zones.